Working at VRC Group

An Inclusive Culture

At VRC Constructions, we believe that OUR EMPLOYEES ARE THE BIGGEST ASSETS of the Company and have worked to develop the feeling of belongingness amongst them. Association of highly qualified specialists with VRC Constructions is the cornerstone of our success over the past 27 years. We are delighted to have such pool of talent whose contribution in the growth of the Organisation is remarkable. We value their endless efforts to take the Company on the next higher level. Simultaneously, we are committed to make VRC Constructions a great place to work.

We empower our employees and support them to achieve success. Our culture encourages employees to think broadly and go above the call of duty. We provide opportunities to budding professionals to work closely with Superiors to enhance their skills & competency. KNOWLEDGE SHARING campaigns are organized on time to time where experts share their views amongst employees to develop them for future. Training is provided at regular intervals to enhance the competency of our employees.

We RECOGNISE our employee consistently whose performance is exemplary whilst achieving the goal of the organization. We are aware that when employees feel fully supported by their team and challenged by their work, they can accomplish incredible things. We entrust a challenging & interesting assignment to our employees to make them think out of the box whilst performing the job. We have a fair and equitable policy of assessment which not only provides satisfaction amongst employees but also develops the feeling of connectedness.

Employees whose performance deteriorate by any reason, we take measures to develop their confidence by doing employee counselling & engagement activities. We shall also try to address their personal affairs with the feel of connectedness so that he can concentrate on his works wholeheartedly.

SAFETY is our top-notch priority while performing the construction activities at sites. Every construction activity at sites are carried out under the guidance of best Safety Professionals to maintain “Zero Accident” status.

With an objective to provide comfort to our employees, best facilities of accommodation, mess, transportation etc are provided at sites. Adequate arrangements are made to maintain cleanliness and hygiene inside the office premise and mess area.

To curb the menace of harassment, bribery, etc, at the workplace, pertaining policies are in place to provide a Safe and Healthy Work environment. At VRC Constructions, we abide by all regulations religiously which are enforced by the respective Authorities in connection with working conditions & employment.

At VRC, Line Managers are responsible to look after day to day works and manage junior staff. Line Managers directly report to Functional Heads whereas Functional Heads are responsible for the tasks assigned by the Project Heads or Functional Head of Corporate office. Vertical Heads (Executive Directors) take care of all affairs in respect of projects under their control and report to “Board of Directors”.

The Company offers attractive remuneration to Candidates by maintaining the Salary Rationalisation amongst employees to keep them motivated & satisfied always. Pertaining Social Security benefits, either of statutory or honorary nature are in place for well-being of an employee.

Innovative Solution

VRC Constructions is passionate about innovation and solving complex business challenges smoothly. We are always looking forward to making lives easier through creativity and innovation in our work style. Innovation comes with experience and we possess robust experience and expertise to deliver you an unmatched experience. Blended with technology and strategy, our business spirit is always directed towards accelerating your growth.
We adopt new technologies on time to time to make our business processes more effective. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is one of the tools that has been implemented in the organisation for optimum utilisation of our resources. Required training was imparted to employees to make them familiar so that they can execute assignments without hassles.


At VRC Constructions, all our efforts and endeavours are directed towards mutual growth and development. We strictly adhere to the principle of continuous growth and empowerment of our clients by appropriate actions and measures at the right time. By keeping ourselves updated with new trends and breakthroughs in technology, we build dynamism in our business operations, thereby meeting the ever-changing needs of the business environment. For us, growth has always been a necessity, not an optional factor.

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