Infrastructure work for NFC, Kota

India’s nuclear power programme is being continuously fueled by the Nuclear Fuel Complex. NFC Hyderabad is building a new plant, NFC-Kota, at Rawatbhata near Kota, Rajasthan, to meet the fuel needs of the planned nuclear reactors. Heavy Water Plant-Kota, an existing plant, is close by. The project covers roughly 190 ha, plus an additional 25 ha in the township. The plant can produce 500 TPY of PHWR fuel and 65 TPY of fuel cladding every year. The ability to fabricate fuel cladding will be increased by another 100 TPY.

VRC Construction is one of the top infrastructure companies in India, with a team of skilled professionals with experience in the design, planning, and construction of various infrastructure civil projects. We had awarded site structure work for NFC, Kota, at the cost of 42.33 crores, showcasing excellence and innovation in the industry.

The project that we have completed is a civil structure building which likely involved the use of various construction materials, techniques, and equipment to erect the building. The project required careful planning and coordination among the team to ensure that the building meets the client’s specifications and requirements, as well as all relevant building codes and regulations. As a reputed civil engineering company in India, we are proud to have completed this project within 2 years under the leadership of VRC Constructions seniors and a dedicated team.

We were also responsible for the project’s schedule, budget, and quality control as the best construction company in India. It is a significant accomplishment for our team to complete the project on time, within budget, and to high-quality standards.

Overall, completing this building construction project for our client is a testament to VRC Constructions’ expertise and professionalism in the field of civil construction. Top of FormBottom of Form These applications consist of general site preparation such as adequate site drainage systems, reinforcement of road systems, and vertical grade separation with retaining walls and slopes as a building construction project, it would have required careful planning and coordination among a team of engineers, architects, and construction professionals. The project also involved using a wide range of construction materials and techniques to erect the building. There would have been a lot of challenges such as Time management, Resource management, and Quality control on the construction site.

The construction of a boundary wall, security guard house, and site development of NFC (Nuclear Fuel Complex) towns by VRC Construction involved the creation of a secure and functional living environment for the residents of the towns. VRC Construction was responsible for the design and construction of the boundary wall, security guard house, and overall site development, ensuring that the project meets the requirements and specifications set by the client. The work included site preparation, excavation, concrete work, masonry work, installation of security systems, and landscaping, among other tasks.

One of the top infrastructure companies in India, VRC Construction has a track record of delivering cutting-edge, high-quality civil projects. The Storm Water Reservoir-1, 2 & 3 construction projects are now being carried out at NFC, Rawatbhata, Kota, Rajasthan. The project aims to construct three stormwater reservoirs to manage the runoff water in the region and prevent flooding.

The project involves a wide range of activities including civil works, such as site preparation and excavation, concrete works, and masonry. Structural steelwork is also a crucial aspect of the project, which involves the design and construction of the steel framework for the reservoirs. In addition to these, the project also encompasses other allied works such as electrical, plumbing, and water supply, drainage and sewerage, and roadworks.

The cost of the project is estimated to be 68.38 crores, which includes the cost of all materials, labor, and equipment needed to complete the project. The cost estimate is based on detailed calculations and a comprehensive budget analysis.

In conclusion, the Storm Water Reservoir-1, 2 & 3 construction project is a complex and multi-disciplinary project that requires the integration of various construction technologies and methodologies. The project will play a crucial role in managing the runoff water in the region and contribute to the overall development of the area. We are proud to be a part of this project as a civil engineering company in India with a reputation for excellence and innovation.

Name of the Project Site Infrastructure work for NFC Kota, Construction of Boundary Wall, Security Guard House and Site Development of NFC Township near Anutara Colony at Rawatbhata, Kota, Rajasthan
Storm Water Reservoir -1,2 & 3 – Civil, Structural Steel, and other allied works for Construction of Storm Water Reservoir-1, 2 & 3 at NFC, Rawatbhata, Kota, Rajasthan
Name of the Client Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC), Kota
Work Executed By VRC Constructions (India) Private Limited
Location Kota, Rajasthan
Construction Cost (in INR) 139.15 Crore
Segment Civil Construction
Sector Public

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