About us

Starting in the 1996, VRC Constructions assembled its core refining team. Our key supervisors continue to be a core group, and they have expertise in tower repairs, Cat Units, process piping, heat exchanger and tube bundle work, as well as other refinery requirements. We have built a strong safety programme and approach to all of our work because we are aware of all the various safety regulations in the refinery. VRC Group delivered finest refinery projects like IOCL Panipat, BORL Madhya Pradesh, HMEL Bathinda.

VRC Construction has established itself as a premier highway construction company in Delhi, providing top-notch infrastructure development services that guarantee consistent delivery of better value for end users, surrounding communities, and the country.. Above all, all activities—from concept to construction to commissioning to tolling and from operations to maintenance—are carried out by in-house expertise. Due to our excellent project execution abilities and dedication to on-time project delivery, we have established a fantastic reputation in a short period.

By creating civil infrastructure projects, VRC Constructions is one of the key players in the nation-building process. The creation of highways, tunnels, bridges, regional development plans, metro terminals, and public transportation systems have all improved the quality of human life and facilitated sustained economic growth.

You receive a team of experts at VRC Constructions who are dedicated to maximizing the value of your project. Our project specialists are quick and creative, and customized design and construction solutions to our client’s best interests. One of India’s top construction firms, The projects that VRC Group works on range from real estate development to power plants, fertilizer plants, and other infrastructure development to civil construction and structural fabrication.

Our Vision

Our goal is to establish and maintain a team of highly qualified construction specialists who will provide sincere and ethical service to our customers. to create a setting that encourages development and self-confidence. Ultimately, we want to be the highest value provider of construction services and technical expertise to maintain a healthy growth rate and provide our client with the best solutions possible while expanding the activity base by diversifying into other infrastructure disciplines.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create and retain a team of highly qualified construction experts who will provide our clients with honest and ethical service in order to create an environment that promotes development and self-assurance. In the end, we want to be known as a company that offers value and high-quality services. Give our client the best solutions available while growing the activity base by diversifying into other infrastructure disciplines to maintain a healthy growth rate.

Our Values

To improve our primary skill of “On-Time Delivery of Our Projects”
To increase Quality and Safety Standards by giving our on- and off-project workers ongoing, hands-on training!
To give our organization strong frameworks for innovation, initiative, and empowerment
To improve the win-win culture in our sector


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