Silos of 50000 MT capacity for storage of ‘Wheat at Barnala (Punjab)

The Food Corporation of India awarded a project for the development of a silos in Barnala, Punjab on a Design Build Finance Operate and Own (DBFOO) basis. The project involves the construction of a silos with a capacity of 50,000 metric tons for the storage of wheat. The bid was submitted on 26.08.2016, and the financial offer of Rs. 1319.00 (One Thousand Three Hundred and Nineteen Only) per MT/Year was accepted.

The project aims to address the storage and preservation needs of the region’s wheat produce. The silos is expected to provide a secure and protected storage space that can prevent damage and spoilage caused by moisture, pests, and other external factors. The project is expected to be a significant contribution to the agriculture sector and support the region’s food security goals.

The construction of the silos will involve significant engineering and technical expertise, including designing and building a structure capable of withstanding the weight and pressure of the stored wheat. The project will also require the use of advanced technology and equipment for effective and efficient storage management. The construction phase will involve close collaboration between the project team and the Food Corporation of India to ensure that the project meets all the necessary specifications and requirements.

Overall, the development of the silos in Barnala is an essential project that will contribute to the growth and development of the region’s agriculture sector. The project is expected to provide employment opportunities and support the local economy, while also improving the availability and accessibility of food for the region’s population.

Name of the Project Name of the Project Development of Silos of 50000 MT capacity for storage of ‘Wheat at Barnala (Punjab)
Name of the Client The Food Corporation of India
Location Barnala, Punjab
Segment Civil Construction
Sector Public
Construction Start Date 26.08.2016
Construction Completion Date 01.03.2020
Latest Status Completed

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