Health and Safety

Our health and safety program at VRC Construction is extensive and varied.

Our mission is to create a safe working environment for all employees at every level and to constantly raise workplace awareness to reduce occupational illnesses and injuries. We respect and are dedicated to the worker’s right to a safe and healthy workplace.

To attain the best operating standards at all times, VRC Construction engages in worker consultation and, as part of this process, develops particular health and safety training objectives for all employees.

The Early Construction Company’s top objective is to ensure a safe workplace while delivering superior outcomes. We think that before any work is done, every employee needs to be thoroughly trained on safety protocols. Because of this mindset, every on- site worker goes through VRC Construction Hire Safety Orientation in addition to our client’s safety training program. Our objective in our safety orientation is to ensure that each employee, our program for health and safety include:

  • A program for carrying out regular health and safety inspections to control health risks and detect and get rid of harmful working conditions or practices.
  • A thorough health and safety training programme for all employees, both new and old.
  • Requirements for all personnel to wear personal protective equipment.
  • As much as practical, mechanical, and physical safeguards are provided.
  • Health and safety regulations that apply to the entire organization, with compliance being a requirement for  employment
  • Arrangements for timely and thorough investigations into every accident to ascertain its root cause, address the issue, and lessen the possibility of it happening
  • A progressive discipline plan in which transgressions are tracked.
  • Policy of Zero Tolerance and Zero Accidents
  • Drug-Free Environment
  • Safety audits on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Use of a daily checklist.

Our goal is to offer guidance on a practical legal, administrative, technical, and educational framework for safety and health in construction to prevent accidents, diseases, and negative effects on workers’ health related to employment in the industry; ensure appropriate design and implementation of construction projects; providing tools for analyzing construction processes from the point of view of safety, health, and working conditions; and providing means of analyzing from the point of view of safety, health, and working conditions.

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