1600 MTPM capacity for storage of Bitumen Emulsion Plant

In the bustling industrial city of Bhatinda, a significant advancement in Bitumen Emulsion production is taking place with the installation of state-of-the-art designed to store and streamline the distribution of bitumen emulsion. These 1600 MTPM (Metric Tons Per Month) are set to revolutionize the storage and production processes of bitumen emulsion in the region, catering to the growing demand for high-quality construction materials.

The introduction of the 1600 MTPM Bitumen Emulsion Plant in Bhatinda signifies a remarkable leap in the field of bitumen emulsion production. These promises, increased efficiency, better quality control, and enhanced environmental responsibility, all of which are vital for the region’s construction industry. As Bhatinda embraces this innovative technology, the benefits will undoubtedly extend beyond the industrial sector, positively impacting the community and the environment.

The 1600 MTPM capacity of the plant is a testament to its size and efficiency. Bitumen emulsion is a critical component in road construction and maintenance, and these ensure that a large volume can be stored on-site, reducing the need for frequent refills. They are designed to segregate different grades and types of bitumen emulsion. This feature not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that the right material is readily available for specific construction needs. Maintaining the ideal temperature for bitumen emulsion is vital for quality control. These come equipped with advanced temperature control systems, preventing material degradation and ensuring the stored emulsion remains in prime condition. To prevent contamination and material spoilage, they are constructed with airtight sealing. This keeps the bitumen emulsion protected from external factors, such as moisture and dust, which can affect its performance. They are designed to streamline loading and unloading processes, reducing manual labour and expediting the transfer of bitumen emulsion to and from the plant. This automation increases operational efficiency and safety. The design of these takes environmental concerns into account. They are equipped with emissions control systems to reduce the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere, ensuring that the production process is eco-friendly.

Our estimated project cost of Rs. 5.04 Crore offers excellent value for money. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness and strive to provide affordable solutions without compromising quality.

Space is a valuable asset in the industrial sector, and we have taken that into account. Our plant is situated on a spacious land area of 4.03 acres. This ample space allows for future expansion and the incorporation of new technologies if required. We believe in staying ahead of the curve and offering our clients the best possible solutions. With our expansive land area, we are ready to adapt and grow alongside your business.

In addition to our vast land area, our bitumen emulsion plant boasts a well-designed building and civil works infrastructure. Spread across 2000 square meters, our facility is optimized for efficiency and productivity. We have carefully planned every detail to ensure a smooth workflow and a conducive working environment. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that your bitumen emulsion requirements will be met with utmost professionalism and precision.

The market is ever-evolving, and we understand the need to stay competitive. With a selling price of 35000/per MT, we offer our bitumen emulsion at prevailing market rates. By keeping our prices in line with industry standards, we not only ensure affordability but also foster long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual success. We believe in transparency and fair pricing, making us a reliable choice for your bitumen emulsion needs.

Security is a top priority in industrial operations. These incorporate robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access and protect the valuable bitumen emulsion with a significantly larger storage capacity, guaranteeing a steady and reliable supply of bitumen emulsion, reducing downtime and enhancing overall productivity. Streamlined loading and unloading processes, along with advanced temperature control, lead to cost savings in production and maintenance. The careful segregation and airtight sealing of bitumen emulsion ensure that the end product meets the highest quality standards, enhancing the reputation of the facility. The integration of emissions control systems demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability, which is increasingly important in today’s construction industry. Including security measures and automated processes minimizes the risk of accidents and theft, creating a safer work environment.

Name of project                    Bitumen Emulsion Plant
Location Ram Mandir Road (Bhatinda)
Construction Cost (in INR) 5.04 Crore
Segment Civil Construction
Sector Private
Construction Start Year 2023

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