Residential Township Phase II for HMEL

HMEL The production assets of HMEL, which was established in 2007 as a Public Private Partnership joint venture between the Fortune 500 company Mittal Energy Investments Pte Ltd. (MEIL), Singapore, and the Government of India’s Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), are the single-largest investment in any sector in the state of Punjab.

The township of HP Mittal Energy Limited (HMEL) was intended to be one of the most straightforward in concept, yet intriguingly adorned with green and eco-friendly features and topped with beautiful landscaped acres. The complex’s residents come from all socioeconomic classes and socioeconomic statuses, yet they all share amenities like the clubhouse, pool, gym, Amphi-theatre, shopping, etc.

A gated community located outside of the city; secure living without any fencing, compound walls, or other physical or psychological barriers separating each home; all residences are merely separated by green hedges.

The following list of the project’s environmentally friendly characteristics adds significant value:

The township has been planned as a “Zero Depletion” site, with all rain water being collected and recharged back to Mother Earth, through strategically placed percolation pits; additionally, the extent of the green areas on the site by itself allows all the rainwater into the soil to fill up underground water tables. Rain water harvesting is an efficient way of collecting, renewing, and reusing an important natural resource like water.

Sewage Treatment Plant: All waste is processed at the STP, where sewage is turned into reusable water for landscaping and replacement water for public HVAC systems. A bio-degradation system for solid waste was added to this system, which supplies cooking gas for the club house.

Solar water heaters: This is a tried-and-true method that is commonly used in residential townships. Each villa or apartment has a tiny installation on the roof that will provide enough hot water each day while using little to no power.

Insulated Walls & Ceiling: The use of Fly-Ash-Cement Blocks for external wall construction can enable a temperature difference of at least 4 to 6 degrees Celsius between exteriors and interiors. The site is in one of the most extreme climates, so the system is helpful not only in the hot summers but also in the cold winters. Similarly, Brick Bat Coba, when properly laid over the top roof of buildings, provides heat insulation from the top, which system again adds to the temperature difference

Name of the Project Construction of Residential Township Phase II for HMEL
Name of the Client HP Mittal Energy Limited
Work Executed By VRC Constructions (India) Private Limited
Location Bhatinda, Punjab
Construction Cost (in INR) INR 70.61 crores
Segment Commercial Construction
Sector Public
Construction Start Date 18/04/2014
Construction Completion Date 28/09/2015
Latest Status Completed

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