Commitment to Safety: Sign of The Best Highway Company 

Safety is extremely important in highway construction projects. Highway construction involves heavy machinery, hazardous materials, and a constantly changing work environment. As a result, highway construction is considered one of the most dangerous types of construction work. Being the Best highway company, we at VRC Constructions are greatly aware of practices that would prevent unsafe happenings.

How Important Is Safety in Highway Construction Projects? 

To protect staff Members, drivers, and passersby, safety measures must be implemented and maintained during the construction phase. Failing safety rules might result in mishaps, harm, and deaths.

Accidents and delays caused by dangerous working conditions can have a major impact on project scheduling and costs, along with extra human costs. Therefore, as the best highway company, we at VRC Constructions prioritise safety for all involved in our highway construction projects.

How We Commit to Safety As the Best Highway Company?

We value our workers who construct roads and highways as they play a crucial role in ensuring that roads are safe, creating new lanes and exits, and completing other transportation projects. We ensure that unfortunate accidents and fatalities do not occur when our workers are on a mission.

We at VRC Constructions make our workers more aware of the risks and prepare them by familiarising them with standard safety procedures. Underneath, you’ll find our rundown of the best practices we follow to ensure safety as the Top highway construction company in India.

  • Applying Proper Training

Those working with us on highway construction sites or roads are made to go through appropriate training to know about the policies set up and the impending risks they’ll confront. Our team adheres to the same procedures as we communicate consistent protocols, a sign of a Top highway construction company in India. Our training usually covers topics like:

– Schedules for safety training 

– Plans for traffic control 

– Plans for equipment and materials inspections

– Known hazards for the worksite and plans to mitigate them 

– Emergency and first aid plans  

– Equipment training 

In addition to the initial training, we brief our crew daily because conditions and hazards can change a lot.

  • Ensuring a Competent Person is On Site

As the Best road construction company in India, we understand the importance of requiring a competent individual to consistently appear to be basic. Yet, it can rapidly be wrecked if your main competent individual is required to leave the worksite briefly. Therefore to avoid such a situation, we have made a list of our crew’s most important “competent people” and, if necessary, set up a schedule to ensure that at least one person is always on site.

  • Establishing an Appropriate Perimeter

We always ensure ample space to work on all sides of the worksite. Inside the workplace, we use obstacles to denote where gear is used, where products are kept, and where the workers may safely walk. Why are we doing this? Because we care about everyone on the roads. For instance, drivers will know when the worksite begins and ends when the appropriate barriers, cones, and other barricades are in place. Our team also marks utility lines to keep away electric shocks and other avoidable wounds.

  • Wearing Proper Safety Equipment

Other than hard hats, safety glasses or goggles, and safety boots, our crew members ensure wearing earmuffs or earplugs when working in areas with a lot of noise. Wouldn’t you expect that from the Best road construction company in India? Our workers never forget to take the necessary precautions, as extreme construction noise can damage their hearing severely. Steel-toed shoes, gloves, and respirators are additional essential personal safety equipment we swear by. Our crew members ensure everything is in its proper place throughout the day and ensure it fits, which is crucial.

  • Using Caution When Operating Heavy Machinery

Large excavators and rollers have blind spots and can kill or injure other crew members. But being a responsible highway company, we safely operate heavy equipment on a road or highway construction site by following simple steps.

– Wearing seatbelt

– When the vehicle is not in use, we go for the parking brakes 

– When the vehicle is on an incline or decline, we place a block in front of or behind the tires 

– Using a spotter when moving, unloading, or loading equipment

– Ensuring the mirrors and other visual aids, like the taillights, are attached and working

  • Staying Hydrated

Amidst all the sweat and effort, we ensure our workers drink enough water throughout the day and the seasons. When working on roads and highways, the hot sun, machinery, and asphalt raise the environment’s temperature, making it easy to become thirsty. Lack of hydration during chilly climates is also normal since most don’t understand how much water we lose over the day.

We are aware of the symptoms of heat-related illnesses and provide plenty of water to our crew members by which we prevent the issue of dehydration. We educate our workers on the significance of remaining hydrated and keep a check on everybody over the day.

  • Increasing Worker and Worksite Visibility

We use hats, vests, and armbands made of reflective or fluorescent materials, which make up high-visibility clothing. Otherwise, we also utilize lights to boost visibility when our workers need to operate at night or when it’s hard to see.

Commitment to Safety Makes Us the Best Construction Company in Punjab

Safety and Well-being on the highway for construction labourers and drivers cannot be compromised. Our workers’ awareness and cautiousness about workplace safety are due to the safety practices we swear by. This is what makes us a reliable choice, and thus, we are known as the Best construction company in Punjab.

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